New features for dns-tools (formerly hsm-tools)

Since its publishing at the start of the year, hsm-tools has been updated with new feautres and bugfixes. The changes are listed below: The project was renamed to dns-tools: The main focus of the tool was changed from just dns signing to a broader... [Read More]

DTC now supports ECDSA

During the last months, we extended our DTC library to support Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). To acheive this, we also created two independient libraries in Go programming language. TCPaillier TCPaillier is an implementation of Threshold Criptography Paillier’s Cryptosystem. This code is based on the implementation... [Read More]

Libraries reimplemented in Go

During the last semester, we reimplemented the entire set of libraries using Go Programming Language. The implementation process consisted of 4 sub-projects, which are explained below. TCRSA TCRSA is a reimplementation of the libtc Threshold Criptography library, using only dependences from Go Standard Library. This allows... [Read More]

libtc API documentation

We have just published the API documentation of the Threshold Cryptography functions library. You can find it here. A good starting point is the tc.h file. So, if you have any project were it would be nice to have an implementation of the Practical Threshold Signatures from Victor... [Read More]

Threshold Cryptography HSM, OARC 22 presentation!

In the 20th DNS-OARC workshop, we showed a virtual HSM based on threshold cryptography. This system has the purpose to be used with OpenDNSSEC in order to provide a low cost solution to DNS record signing automation. But that system had a single point of failure: the key manager. Single... [Read More]