Libraries reimplemented in Go

During the last semester, we reimplemented the entire set of libraries using Go Programming Language. The implementation process consisted of 4 sub-projects, which are explained below. TCRSA TCRSA is a reimplementation of the libtc Threshold Criptography library, using only dependences from Go Standard Library. This allows... [Read More]

libtc API documentation

We have just published the API documentation of the Threshold Cryptography functions library. You can find it here. A good starting point is the tc.h file. So, if you have any project were it would be nice to have an implementation of the Practical Threshold Signatures from Victor... [Read More]

Threshold Cryptography HSM, OARC 22 presentation!

In the 20th DNS-OARC workshop, we showed a virtual HSM based on threshold cryptography. This system has the purpose to be used with OpenDNSSEC in order to provide a low cost solution to DNS record signing automation. But that system had a single point of failure: the key manager. Single... [Read More]